Testimonials from Divorce Mediation clients:

“I want to personally thank you and your staff for your time and effort in making everything happen in the timely manner you did. While divorce is not a pleasant experience for anyone, you really made this as good as could be expected for us.” M.J.

“Thank you so much, Paula. Working with you made this whole process so much easier than we ever could have imagined. We really appreciated the kindness and sincerity you offered throughout.” K.K.

“Thank you so much for everything. You made the process very easy through a difficult time. I appreciate all that you both did to assist us through the dissolution of our partnership.”B.H.

“You have been extremely helpful every step of the way in what is, of course, a difficult situation (as in every couple’s case, I’m sure). Your neutrality and support for both of us was evident from the very first meeting with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a family attorney.” Rodney

“Thank you and your office for an amazing job. I still don’t know how you did it how you moved the rooms around and got the right people in the right rooms… you’re just really amazing….and I wanted to thank you again.” Jane

“It was a pleasure working with you through this process, as it could have been a difficult time, but because of your knowledge and expertise we managed to stay focused on what we needed to do and not get into the legal minutia. If anyone else I know chooses to use the mediation method, I will recommend you highly.” J.F.

“Thank you for your help and making my divorce process as less painful and at the shortest time possible.” Christina

“Thanks so much for your help, Paula. It could not have gone better.” G.F.

“Paula, thank you for your professional guidance and sensitive and fair mediation in helping with my divorce settlement agreement. It was a difficult time and you were able to represent both sides of the issue coaching us to come to a fair agreement. I felt like you were our lawyer and our therapist. You greatly helped us control emotions and make fair decisions. Once the agreement was reached, I appreciate that you were efficient about the processing of all of the paperwork.”

“Paula really helped me out of jam in the mediation process for my divorce. My first lawyer was being very difficult wanting to fight every little point with my ex, which was not in mine or my family’s best interests. Paula worked very collaboratively with me and created a win-win solution for both of us, while ensuring that we were both ultimately protected. I recommend her unreservedly!” – Karen

“Thanks to Paula, we survived mediation of the divorce of our 25 year marriage with minimal “issues” which Paula was able to help us work through to a peaceful and fair solution.” –Lisa

“Thank you for working with [my wife] and myself to complete our MSA [marital settlement agreement]. Your professional and ethical self is very much appreciated.” – Bill

“Thank you for helping to make the whole thing so much easier than it could have been.” –Sara

“I feel you did a terrific job in guiding me/us through this dissolution process” – Inna

“Thanks…for all your patience, guidance, and assistance during the process.” – Jay

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. (Pursuant to Rules of Professional Conduct 1-400 and the standards adopted by the Board of Governors of the State Bar of California).

Testimonials from Pre-Marital Agreement Mediation clients and Cohabitation Agreement clients:

“Paula is a rare find in that she is both efficient and gracious. She facilitated a collaborative effort writing and editing a legal cohabitation agreement, clearly explaining each step in the process, such that the two parties to the agreement—my partner and me—obtained a high quality result at reasonable cost. I highly recommend Paula to my own clients as an excellent family attorney and mediator” – Susan

“Back in July you mediated a pre-nup for my now-wife and me. Now that the wedding dust has finally cleared, I’m writing to thank you. [We] really felt like the mediation experience helped us not only to get our financial house in order, but to prepare for marriage in a larger sense, in that the process encouraged open communication and healthy realism. So, thank you for facilitating that. After working with you, we felt intensely glad that we did not subject ourselves to the traditional, adversarial process; little did we know that working out a pre-nup could be almost . . . fun.” – Clay

“My fiancée and I went to Paula from a professional recommendation from her job, so I had no more information than you do now prior to meeting for the first time with Paula. We sat down and got to business quickly over our agreement and I noticed that the meeting was very easy to follow and did not feel pulled in one direction or another, but at a pace comfortable for both my fiancée and I. We were both surprised how well Paula guided us through the information without giving preference to one party or the other on any given issue. I would certainly recommend Paula’s services for a mediation from our experience with her.” – Evan

“Thank you VERY much for all of your help. You made this a seamless process from A to Z and we are very appreciative.” – A.J.