Divorce Mediation

Experienced Attorney-Mediators in San Rafael and San Francisco, California

The dissolution of a marriage involves complex decisions about your children, the division of your assets and debts, as well as many other issues. We specialize in complex financial issues.
We consider all aspects of your divorce case to develop the best possible solutions regarding:

  • Division of real estate, personal property, bank and investment accounts, stocks, options, equity interests, retirement assets and other assets
  • Identification and disposition of business interests, family partnerships, trust assets, carried interests
  • Division of marital and non-marital debts
  • Transition plans into two households
  • Long-term and temporary spousal support
  • Buyouts and structured payments
  • Responsibility for family pets
  • Parenting Plans (including child custody/timeshare arrangements)
  • Child support
  • Additional expenses for minor and college-age children

Effective Family Law Mediators

Mediation provides you and your spouse/partner the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement in a structured setting by working with a trained neutral. Our mediators guide the discussion to focus on solutions based on the unique financial and non-financial interests of each family. The experienced attorney-mediators at Lawhon Law & Mediation, P.C. can help guide you through this process to reach and finalize agreements together.

Knowledgeable. Compassionate. Creative.

We know that resolving family law matters can be an emotionally difficult experience and we approach every case with compassion. We recognize the importance of understanding the details of your unique situation. We work with you to create agreements which are right for your family. We provide trusted referrals for our clients including mental health counseling (individual, joint, family, co-parenting), financial advisors, accountants, mortgage brokers, appraisers, estate planning attorneys as well as mediation-friendly attorneys for separate consultations.

Private & Confidential Mediation

Many of our clients have high value estates and/or are high profile individuals. Mediations are conducted privately in our suite of offices. We prepare Confidential Settlement Agreements and often retain a private judge to review and approve the agreement, keeping the vast majority of your agreements out of the public court file.

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